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Because surround sound can be dramatically more lifelike, it can convey a dramatically greater immersive experience for the home theater-owning audience.  But released content largely does not convey the lifelike spatiality of surround - they are "panned monaural" re-releases from archival multi-track masters.  Being enveloped is much more than being surrounded by the band in your own room (boring!) - it's being spatially "transported" to the concert (you get to travel!).  Artists and content providers can grab listeners and take them along for the ride. The same lifelike objective applies to movies, Virtual Reality, and training simulation.

FilmakerTechnology has developed 1) a spatial approach to lifelike 5.1 recording called High Sonic Definition (HSD), and 2) an advanced compatible system of full-sphere 3D capture, mastering, and consumer replay that preserves the sphere of natural hearing - HSD 3D/2D (Pat. pending, see diagram).

In a 5.1/6.1/7.1 home theater, HSD-3D/2D compatibly projects height sounds onto the horizontal plane of the speakers for decoderless replay from any 6-channel media (DVD-A, SACD, or DTS-ES Discrete).  When ready to add a decoder and five speakers (10 total), the home theater owner is able to extract lossless 3D from the same disc.  In demonstrations of HSD-3D/2D, engineers and audiophiles rave that not only does it produces stellar 5.1, but in full-sphere 3D, speakers and listening room just disappear!

FilmakerTechnology is developer of 5.1-compatible PanAmbio 2D, the PanAmbiophone microphone array, RACE Ambiophonic crosstalk cancellation algorithm, and HSD 3D (formerly PerAmbio 3D/2D).  More information is published in scientific papers by Robin Miller, such as Audio Engineering Society preprint #6253 "Spatial Definition and the PanAmbiophone microphone array for 2D surround & 3D fully periphonic recording" for ITU 5.1-compatible 2D surround, and for ITU 5.1-compatible full sphere 3D #5934 "Scalable Tri-play Recording for Stereo, ITU 5/1.6/1 2D, and Periphonic 3D (with Height) Compatible Surround Sound Reproduction."

Papers on surround sound presented by Robin Miller to the Audio Engineering Society in Munich, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin and San Francisco, to the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers in Pasadena, to the Acoustical Society of America and Canadian Acoustical Association in Vancouver, and to the German Tonmeisters in Leipzig describe how we humans perceive live hearing in 3D. This research introduces the next generation of 3D sound reproduction for home theater entertainment, archiving musical performances, VR/multi-media, and training simulators. Demonstrated at AES 24th Conference in Banff, PerAmbio 3D/2D (Pat. pend.) produces recordings distributable on DTS-ES CD, SACD, or DVD-A that play compatibly without a decoder in 5.1/6.1 2D surround sound, or in full 3D with a decoder and 10 speakers.

Also see Widescreen Review magazine, Nov 2004 p20.


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