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Robin Miller, Filmaker Inc. was established in 1970 and grew to seven full-time staff plus many contract technicians and artists.. The company has produced documentaries, commercials, and features shown to audiences worldwide. Awards tally 52 including The Peabody for co-producing PBS Visions. Here is a sampling of about 300 video and film productions over the years.

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LiVing History: The 1940s

Eye-witnesses to the pivotal decade of the 20th century relive surviving the Depression, fighting World War II overseas, rationing on the homefront, "Rosie the Riveter" working outside the home, dancing to big bands, and The Bomb. Then came superhighways, computers, television, and the new age of technology. Penna Assn of Broadcasters Outstanding Documentary of the Year. 73 minute Stereo-Surround.





Kids report fun ways to Recycle, Reduce, & Reuse. Television special with exciting Plastic Rap music video, The Un-Terminator movie review, and lots of machines turning garbage into new stuff! Renew America award-winner, sponsored by League of Women Voters. Stereo-Surround.

The Best You Can Be: The Handicapped Hall of Fame

Television special filled with inspiration, starring Pat Boone, Sen. Bob Dole, Jim Brady, Mark Bonnaconte Jr, Ted Kennedy Jr. Profiles of Hall of Fame honorees. Winner of New York Film & Television Festival and two American Hospital Association awards. One hour, Stereo-Surround.

We Will Stand

Story of the Lehigh Valley community as told by the River that brought native Americans and European immigrants to live there. How a center of transportation and the American Industrial Revolution became a center of technology, including development of the transistor. Stereo-Surround.

Support for Alzheimers Families

While science asks "Why?," this film asks "Why not maximize remaining ability?" Meanwhile, caring for the true victims of Alzheimers, the family, who mourn as long as the patient lives! Exceptionally moving, sensitive film. New York Festival of Film & Television award-winner. Stereo-Surround..

Miracle of Pittron

Nationally televised special of a firey accident that spilled tons of molten steel - and changed everyone in that workplace - a film that can change where YOU work! Recognized by two Presidents as "A model for labor-management relations in America." One hour, available from Value of the Person 412.562.9070.

A Gift of Love

Thousands of orphans feared leaving the Lutheran Home at Topton, Pennsylvania more than why they came. Today in its 2nd Century, Topton is for thousands needing foster care, counselling, and senior citizens who retire there! Period drama filmed in Panavision & Stereo-Surround.

Portrait of a Daughter

The history and child education work of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Filmed throughout the US to celebrate the centennial of the DAR. New York Festival of Film & Television. CINDY and Chicago Film Festival awards-winner. Stereo-Surround.

Up & Running Your Audio Console

Professional training - How to select and master audio consoles in producing top-quality stereo-surround sound for broadcast, film, or Web. Produced in Robin Miller, Filmaker's sound studio using the Auditronics 310, a high-end board which is a model for any professional sound mixing console.

Yours Truly, Harry C. Trexler

One of America's wealthiest entrepreneurs, General Trexler left a legacy of cement, telephone, and power companies - 30 in all! He died leaving a Trust that has made possible rehabilitating juvenile offenders and funding orchestras. New York Festival of Film & Television award-winner.

A Century of Joy: The Bach Choir of Bethlehem

Johann Sebastian Bach was "brought to America" by its oldest Bach choir, reknown for annual festivals in Pennsylvania and concerts in Carnegie Hall, the White House, and Bach's home of Leipzig. The Bach Choir of Bethlehem's 100-year story and Bach's beauty and power in Stereo-Surround..

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