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About Robin Miller & company...

Robin Miller, Filmaker Inc. was established in 1970 and incorporated in Pennsylvania, soon growing to seven full-time staff plus many contract technicians and artists.. The company has produced hundreds of documentaries, commercials, and features shown to audiences worldwide. Awards tally 52 including The Peabody for co-producing PBS Visions.

Entertainment technology engineering activities, today called Filmaker Technology, pioneered in 1972 interlocking multi-track tape machines to mix audio tracks for 16mm, 35mm, and video. In 1973 the company located in an 8,000 sq. ft. building with studios and R&D laboratories. The company has a Patent pending for 3D full-sphere surround sound.

An internationally recognized engineering consultant as well as producer, Robin Miller has presented advanced 2D and 3D audio solutions at numerous conferences worldwide to the Audio Engineering Society, Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers, Acoustical Society of America, Canadian Acoustical Association; and German Tonmeisters. As an invited panelist at the AES 2007 Italia conference in Parma, he demonstrated Ambiophonics and full-sphere High Sonic Definition 3D.

Historic highlights ...

October 2005 _______________________

At AES 119th Convention in New York City,  Robb Miller presented music and gaming demonstrations of immersive reality using High Sonic Definition HSD 3D technology (Pat.pending). Comments included "The best surround I've ever heard" and "A tremendous advance in audio." Robin Miller presented a paper 6628 on Binaural Bass Management - compelling reasons for a second subwoofer channel.

May 2005 _______________________

At the Acoustical Soiety of America / Canadian Acoustical Assn. convention in Vancouver, Canada, FilmakerTechnology invited presentations including papers on High Sonic Definition 3D and the use ofBinaural Bass Management with a demonstration using two subwoofers.

November 2004 _______________________

At the 23rd Tonmeisters Convention in Leipzig, Germany, FilmakerTechnology's Robin Miller presented a demonstration and paper "Physiological and content considerations for a second low frequency channel for bass management, subwoofers, and LFE."  Mr. Miller also presented a workshop on PerAmbio 3D/2D, now called High Sonic Definition (Pat.pend.) lifelike surround that is 5.1-compatible.

October 2004 _______________________

At the 117th AES International Convention in San Francisco, Robin Miller was an invited panelist exploring two subwoofer channels.  He also presented the paper "Spatial Definition and the PanAmbiophone microphone array for 2D surround & 3D fully periphonic recording" (preprint 6253).

May 2004 _______________________

At the AES 116th Int'l Convention in Berlin Workshop 14, Robin Miller was an invited panelist exploring use of two subwoofer channels with, from left (seated) Jonas Braasch, McGill University; Todd Welti, Harman International; Robin Miller, FilmakerTechnology; David Griesinger, Lexicon; and Gunther Theile, Institute fur Rundfunktechnik; (standing) Williams Martens, McGill Univeristy; Geoff Martin, Bang & Olufsen.  At Workshop 15 with Ralph Glasgal, Angelo Farina, Diemer de Vries, Itai Neoran, and Dave Malham, Mr. Miller showed test results from 5Hz to 30kHz of his PanAmbiophone surround microphone.

February 2004 _______________________

Beethoven's 9th was recorded in 5.1-compatible 3D surround by FilmakerTechnology at Columbia University, New York City, by The Greenwich Village Orchestra conducted by Barbara Yahr and sixty voice chorus prepared by Robert Long.

December 2003 _______________________

On a snowy Sunday, Robin Miller with Ralph Glasgal demonstrated Ambiophonics to the Boston Audio Society, who wrote, "Your full-of-life presentation was energizing...We may have heard the genesis of what will be common in our future homes."  The Society's members represent many well-known in audio.

October, 2003 _________________________

PerAmbio 3D/2D, now called HSD 3D, was presented in the paper "Scalable Tri-play Recording for Stereo, ITU 5.1/6.1 2D, and Periphonic 3D (with Height) Compatible Surround Sound Reproduction" (preprint #5934) by Robin Miller to the AES 115th International Convention in New York City.

September, 2003 _______________________

PanAmbio 2D surround sound, developed by FilmakerTechnology, was used to record a memorial concert at Ground Zero in New York City for the second anniversary of 9-11.  Throughout "Requiem" by John Rutter, a large bell can be heard striking with the reading of each name of the 2,792 who perished.

Compatible HSD 3D played on conventional 2D surround speaker layouts was demonstrated by Robin Miller to the Penn State University AES Section, played from a conventional DTS-ES Discrete CD.


Acclaim as a producer...

Recognized by 52 awards including CPB Outstanding Documentary, major film festivals, and The Peabody for compelling content & technical excellence, reviewers and sponsors have accolades for a Robin Miller film...

"The result is extraordinary...stunningly imaginative."
- John J. O'Connor, The New York Times

"Uncompromising work...outstanding production."
- James Brown, Los Angeles Times

"One of the single most brilliant pieces of theater I've yet seen on the tube."
- Kevin Kelly, Boston Sunday Globe

"I was deeply touched...Your film is a personal treasure."
- Sen. Bob Dole

"Another polished theatrical short from top-notch filmmaker Robin Miller...has Spielbergian touch."
- Paul Willistein,The Morning Call

"Our film was instrumental in securing a $1 million gift, and in exceeding our campaign goal."
- Paul Buehrle, CEO (ret'd), The Lutheran Home

"[Your video] helped us compete successfully with imported chips."
- AT&T Microelectronics

"[Your film is] a model for labor-management relations in America."
- President Gerald Ford


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