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About Filmaker

Filmaker Technology/Robin Miller, Filmaker Inc. provides consulting services to management, marketing,and engineering related to the electronic presentation & entertainment media. A professional, degreed engineer and Peabody winning producer, expertise ranges from broadcast & corporate communications to design and integration of A/V production facilities and high-end home theaters . Not-for-profit, individual, and corporate clients include Hewlett-Packard, US Dept of State, WLVT-TV, Cedar Fair, Multidyne Electronics, Eastman Kodak, Air Products & Chemicals, etc.


  • Acoustic-Audio-Video design, measurement, & remediation;

  • Studio and home entertainment Systems Design & Integration;

  • Location audio recording / broadcast / webcast in HSD stereo & surround.

Management & Marketing...

  • Audio/Video communicatioins to internal and general audiences;

  • Product evaluation for audio / video / film / broadcast / Internet markets;

  • Trade press writer.

FilmakerTechnology · Research & Engineering unit of Robin Miller, Filmaker Inc. 1996~2008
606 W Broad St, Bethlehem PA 18018 USA · voice 610.691.0900 · fax 610.691.0952 · email enquire@filmaker.com


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