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Greenwich Village Orch.,New York City, Barbara Yahr music director, recorded in High Sonic Definition by Robin Miller.


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High Spatial Definition Sound for an HDTV world

FilmakerTechnology offers audio services for stereo and surround recording & post-production, live 5.1 broadcast, and 3D archiving for any future distribution formal (Pat.pending). Preserving timbre and spatiality means ultimate realism in 5.1/6.1/7.1 home media rooms for music, movies, games, & sports or other events. Compatibility means stereo is uncompromised, played on a legacy system or iPod®.

Applications range from concert recordings to live broadcast events, whether produced by FilmakerTechnology or integrated in the client's soundstage or remote facility. The HSD-3D main microphone array reduces costs, both capturing and in post. Request a consultation.

  • HSD REPRODUCES TONE COLOR AS PERFORMED & HEARD LIVE, not distorted as in conventional recordings. FilmakerTechnology's HSD microphone (Pat.pend.) works in difficult acoustical environs like a zoom lens to recreate the same sonic scene in which the musicians and audience were immersed.

  • HSD PRECISELY LOCATES CRYSTAL CLEAR SONIC IMAGES of voices, instruments, and natural sounds, so each is naturally audible without being louder, and the ensemble is presented as heard live - more real.

  • HSD TRANSPORTS THE LISTENER TO THE CONCERT OR EVENT VENUE - discriminating the spatial character of the concert hall and brings it to the listener's media room - the best seat in the house. Conventional recordings lack the spatiality of the live venue, so they mostly sound the same.

  • CAPTURES THE NATURAL DYNAMICS OF HUMAN HEARING - HSD needs no artificial reverb, equalization, or compression. With the HSD microphone's human characteristics, spot mics within a musical ensemble are not normally needed - the conductor mixes the recording.

Film & video applications - "discovery" consulting

Robin Miller, Filmaker Inc. has expertise to share - the experience of a 52 award-winning producer and 300 films/videos for marketing communications, entertainment, and fundraising. Shared as we have quality concepts and productions for clients in 27 states (not-for-profit, broadcast, entertainment, corporate, education, religious, healthcare, and government) to dramatically raise support, increase sales, or achieve organizational or societal goals. Discover how:

  • Mr. Miller has taught at the graduate level, consulted for the U.S. Dept. of State, led Eastman Kodak Power of Film serminars, and brought fresh approaches to corporate in-house video departments and education curricula..


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