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Great rewards await listeners, content providers, & manufacturers when the home media room and its loudspeakers "disappear" and we're transported to the concert / movie / game environment - real immersion in the sphere of live hearing.

Enter HSD-3D high sonic definition sound for our high definition world. Full sphere audio recording & reproduction (U.S.Pat.7,558,393) - compatible with stereo, iPod®, and 5.1/7.1 entertainment systems & delivery media. E-mail to audition Ambiophonics, PanAmbio surround (2D, 5.1-compatible), and lifelike HSD-3D.

FilmakerTechnology provides consulting engineering services in immersive entertainment technology applied research, surround audio recording, production & exhibition systems design & integration, and marketing communications.

The engineering company behind innovations at the Ambiophonics Institute, see about the company for a brief history. See papers by Robert E. (Robin) Miller III. Find tools in systems&products, or media for download and purchase.

Robin Miller & Company perform live music for special events.

Engineering & research unit of Robin Miller, Filmaker Inc. 1996~present - email